Re: Disabling ip4 and IPV6 on F20RC1

* Pavel Simerda

1) First of all it doesn't *specifically* disable kenrel link-local
addresses allocation but performs some magic to disable a couple of
IPv6 features at once. This wouldn't be a problem in the original
poster's case as he wants to disable IPv6 anyway.

As I understand it, link-local addressing is necessary for IPv6 to
function at all. So disabling link-local addressing is analogous to
disabling IPv6.

So the note in the Wiki «Kernel doesn't support turning link-local
addressing on/off (without affecting other features)» doesn't really
make any sense, as it would be impossible to disable link-local
addressing without affecting the rest of the IPv6 stack. It would be
like removing the lowest floor of a building and expecting the remainder
to *not* come crashing down... :-)

2) But setting disable_ipv6 doesn't really work as expected. See [1]
and especially the note about disable_ipv6 below the table. The truth
is that this also wouldn't affect the original poster's use case
where the specific interface is (hopefully) expected to be always
without IP addresses.

Okay. I'm not sure I've understood what the bug in question is and how
to tickle it, though.


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