Re: static interface shuts down on disconnect

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From: "Tom Gundersen" <teg jklm no>
Afaik, this is the expected behaviour.

Assuming this is indeed by design, what's the rationale?

Can't speak for original developers, but it is pretty easy:

1) It is natural to avoid a defunct configuration by removing it whenever the network is not connected.

2) Defunct configuration of one interface can cause problems to an otherwise functional configuration of 
other interfaces (e.g. address, routing and DNS conflicts).

3) An overall defunct configuration can cause problems to the applications (e.g. an application communicates 
over a defunct network, causing timeouts and bad user experience).

It's practical to treat network configuration as bound to the L1/L2 connectivity in general, and instead 
provide rationale for the rare exceptions where keeping interface configuration after disconnection makes 
sense. If that becomes important for more common with (some) statically configured servers, fair enough. You 
can already use that feature with git master builds.


I would suggest your apps to use to talk to each other.


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