Re: IPv6 in network-manager-openvpn

* Nicolas Iooss

A few weeks ago I ran into a bug in NetworkManager: even though OpenVPN
now supports IPv6 in tunnels, the OpenVPN plugin of NetworkManager
doesn't support it. I found bug 682620
( and I've implemented
some of the missing features with the help
of network-manager-openconnect commits (basically the IPv6 payload part,
not the IPv6 endpoint one). My patches are attached to this email.

Hello Nicolas and thanks for doing this!

I've tested the patches on top of the NetworkManager-openvpn RPM in
Fedora 19. They work just fine for me when testing towards the corporate
VPN server at work, the addresses and routes pushed by the server gets
installed and IPv6 traffic is successfully routed through the tunnel.
Good job!

I really hope these patches end up being merged, as it has been a pain
in the arse to always find ways to force applications to use IPv4 when
I'm working remotely (which is necessary because getaddrinfo() defaults
to the use of IPv6, which goes outside of the VPN and therefore making
my traffic come from an unprivileged source network on the internet).

I noticed that the default route also gets redirected to the tunnel
device even though the server does not push this route. So internet
connectivity is broken unless I explicitly enable the "use this
connection for resources on its network" setting. However I believe this
bug occurs with IPv4 as well, so I don't think it is something wrong
with your patches per se in this regard.

Best regards,
Tore Anderson

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