Re: IPv6 in network-manager-openvpn

* Dan Williams
Did the issue with --proto you mentioned in the bug (eg )
get fixed as well?  Then it would be a lot simpler to enable IPv6
support because we wouldn't need any UI changes to make the user
indicate that they want IPv6 explicitly (which would trigger udp6/tcp6).

No, not yet. However that is an orthogonal issue. --proto udp6/tcp6 vs
tcp/udp becoming dual-stack strictly relates to the *transport*. I.e.,
the protocol the OpenVPN client uses for communicating with the OpenVPN
server over the internet.

Nicolas' patches relate strictly to IPv6 *payload*. You can very well
tunnel IPv6 packets over a OpenVPN tunnel where the transport is using
IPv4 and vice versa. (In pretty much the same way that you can make a
TCP connection through an OpenVPN tunnel using --proto udp.)

As long as --proto udp/tcp remains single-stack IPv4 in OpenVPN, this
means that Nicolas' patches will not enable NM-OpenVPN to speak to the
VPN servers over IPv6. That's OK, having support for IPv6 payload is
still a huge improvement. If later --proto udp/tcp becomes dual-stack
(and --proto udp6/tcp6 goes away), then that should just start working
(except that maybe the "insert a static host route to VPN server with
the [old] default gateway as the next hop" functionality might need some
extra logic).


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