Re: udev for usb modem with DEVTYPE wwan

In the latest network-manager, "link_get" function checks for hash
lookup of udev_devices whereas "udev_device_added" function does not
insert it to the hash if it is a modem with the property
DEVTYPE==wwan. Therefore, when connecting to the network, it fails to
bring_up the network interface.

Is this intended behavior? I am not sure how other wwan type modems

No, it's not intended, and I just found and fixed that this morning.
All WWAN pseudo-ethernet interfaces should have DEVTYPE=wwan set, and NM
should handle that correctly by not creating an NMDevice subclass for
the WWAN interface, but by subordinating that kernel interface to the
NMDeviceModem that was created in response to ModemManager finding a new

If you try git master now, does that fix your problem?  The fix is
commit ead39cb42174e84d4054692814098f1bab8a7913.

Thanks, It fixed the problem.


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