[ISSUE] Modem manager SMS storages assert

When I use MediaTek data card device with MM v1.0.0, after I send command "mmcli -m 0 -e", MM stopped and assert happened.
The assert is in function "mm_broadband_modem_lock_sms_storages" in mm-broadband-modem.c.
When I trace the log, I found the root cause:
Our device response "AT+CMPS?" with some words like "SM_P" and "ME_P", these words are parsed by mm_3gpp_parse_cpms_test_response and recognized as "MM_SMS_STORAGE_UNKNOWN". So in this case, there were two "UNKNOWN" members in storage_ctx->supported_mem1. When modem enabling operation go to function "load_initial_sms_parts_from_storages", it try to do load_initial_sms_parts but the second param is "MM_SMS_STORAGE_UNKNOWN", assertion happen.
I think maybe for these UNKNOWN storage, load_initial_sms_parts shouldn't try to read SMS from it. Instead,  just do as "MM_SMS_STORAGE_MT" in function "load_initial_sms_parts_from_storages", skipping them and just try to read known storage. 

Best Regards!
Quentin Li

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