Problems modifying gconf connection profile for 802-11-wireless-security

Where I work there the wireless network configuration seems to cause a lot of problems with Linux based systems. Collegues who run Unbutu seem to be able to resolve the problem by modifying the corporate SSID profile in  /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections such that the "group" and "pairwise" settings for the 802-11-wireless-security are set to "ccmp;" only and not [ccmp, tkip] which is the default I believe. Howerver, I am running RedHat 6.2 and the connecton profiles are defined using gconf in the directory ~/.gconf/system/networking/connections. When I try to add new keys for the group and pairwise settings to an existing profile one of two things  happen, either the profile is not recognized by the network manager applet (e.g. the profile name no longer is visible when select "Edit Connections") or the network manager or applet overwrites the modified gconf.xml file removing the group and pairwise keys. 

Can anyone help me modify the network connection profiles manually so that I can change the certain defaults that the network manager applet does not provide mechanisms to modify and have network manager recognize that profile?

The NetworManager components installed on my system are shown below for reference :


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