Re: Strange issues in debian testing - persistent gsm connection



1st case: cannot use the modem, even cannot see in devices list etc.: modem-manager.connection-lost.log

2nd case: I pull out the modem and plug back after some seconds, it get known, tried to connect but dropped the connection immediately. modem-manager.connection-lost_new_plug.log

3rd case: reboot, working well.

The attached messages.log contains the end of the 2nd case and a normal operation (boot, activated, everything working well at this moment).

In fact, I have no idea, what is going on and why these things happen. I did not see any segfault. Even, last night it was working all the night, but in the morning I had several issues. 


I found this Q&A:

We try to force the 2G connection instead of 3G and try to use the persist option for pppd.

Could somebody confirm this option? I mean, does anybody use it successfully to keep the connection alive "forever"?



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