NetworkManager IPv6 support


I'm afraid I have not yet introduced in the list. My name is Pavel Šimerda, I recently
joined Red Hat and I'm currently working on NetworkManager's IPv6 support.

I've already made some changes but I don't have yet access to the
Git repository. For now you can see my changes at:;a=summary

Most of the changes are just cleaning up, removing unnecessary stuff,
improving logging, you can see yourself.

I don't know about any regressions right now.

If you are curious, you can also see a short summary of basic scenarios that should work
in NetworkManager and which of them actually work:

But note that these are very simple scenarios and I'm currently only testing by restarting
the whole NetworkManager.

Thanks to Dan Winship for providing help with getting into the code and to Jirka Klimes
for helping me with my beginnings.


Pavel Simerda

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