Re: mm_serial_port_queue_process: (ttyUSB2) response array is not empty.....

>> May 18 07:53:52 localhost modem-manager[1998]:
>> mm_serial_port_queue_process: (ttyUSB2) response array is not empty
>> when
>> usingcached reply, cleaning up 13 bytes
>> What does it mean? I did not find any useful on the net.
> It means that array used to store the responses wasn't empty when an AT
> command was requested and a previously cached reply used instead of
> firing the new command. Whenever an AT command is sent, we expect the
> response array to be empty; if it is not, it may be a leftover (e.g.
> previously sent command timed out and response arrived afterwards), or
> maybe some unexpected unsolicited indication not properly parsed.
> Could you get debug logs to see exactly where this is happening?
> --
> Aleksander

Hi Aleksander,

Thank you for the info, ok, I try to collect debug data and send to here for analyzing.

Bye now,

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