Re: Nokia 21M-02

* Dan Williams

> Darn, that tells me nothing.  I don't even see the normal Icera commands
> there.


The only ones I've used to set up the cdc_ether device is:

AT%IPDPCFG <-- necessary IFF the provider requires authentication
AT%IPDPACT <-- calls out and enables the cdc_ether device

The have the same syntax as the ones in the Icera plugin already in MM.

Also I've used AT%IPDPCFG, which is the only way I've found to extract
the 64-bit Interface ID that you're supposed to use to construct the
link-local address (when in cdc_ether mode, in PPP mode you learn it
using IPv6CP), and the IPv6 DNS servers advertised in PCO (my provider
unfortunately does not support Information-Only DHCPv6 nor RDNSS Option
in RA).

If there's anything else I can help with, let me know. I could, for
example, plug the stick into a computer and let you log in and play with
it all you like. If that's interesting, let me know on IRC.

Tore Anderson

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