Re: Hello, please help with my 3G device

Hello, it works now! nearly perfect, but still another problem, how
could I lock the
network to 3g(td-scdma), and not automaticly switch back and forth between
3g and 2g(edge, sometimes even gprs)? My signal here is sometimes a little
and I'd like to not switch back to 2g.

I tried the option 'Type', change it from 'any' to '3G(UMTS/HSPA)',
then the profile
didn't work.

Again the detailed log.

I cannot see any "AT^SYSCFG" call in that log, which is the Huawei-specific
way to get/set allowed modes.. so there's something wrong somewhere.
Specifying the allowed mode in the Simple Connect settings should trigger
mode change if the current allowed modes are different than the requested

Anyway, can you try to run the following between plugging the modem and
launching the connection request (assuming here the modem gets index 0)?

$> sudo dbus-send \
     --system \
     --dest=org.freedesktop.ModemManager \
     --print-reply \
     /org/freedesktop/ModemManager/Modems/0 \
     org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.Gsm.Network.SetAllowedMode \

It simply return the following line:
Error org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.OperationNotSupported:
Operation not supported

Probably your modem doesn't support mode switching with AT^SYSCFG then...


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