Use of dnsmasq for caching nameserver

I was having some problems with libvirt's usage of dnsmasq (the command line parameters libvirtd was using). Too many queries were being forwarded. I have submitted a patch to libvirt for their part of the problem but dnsmasq is still leaking some queries that I believe should not be forwarded (not that bind/named is any better). While on the dnsmasq discussion list, I noticed that some patches had been submitted by Dan WIlliams to make NetworkManager's use of dnsmasq work better.

So, this got me interested and a little searching of the NetworkManager mailing list and the rpm changelog showed that there was already at least some support in NetworkManager for dnsmasq.

1. Is it already in use? I am running "current" Fedora 17 and a "ps ax" shows no "extra" dnsmasq ... just all the ones for my virtual networks.

2. I also noticed that the NetworkManager dnsmasq is listening on This could be a problem if the user (such as myself) wants to run a dnsmasq listening on

3.  Will use of dnsmasq be optional and configurable?

4. I noticed that you have all the paramters specified in the software. Based on my experience with libvirt, this makes it difficult to test any needed parameter changes. Suggention: have you considered having your own conf file and then specifying "--conf-file=<wherever>" in the software?

5. Let me add that I believe choosing dnsmasq for the caching nameserver is a good choice. On the whole it works well and is not all that complicated.


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