[MM] [PATCH 2/3] ZTE: Use +CFUN=4 to turn off radios when disabling

ZTE modem stays connected and consumes power when disabled. This patch
uses +CFUN=4 command to turn off radio module. Command +CFUN=0 gains
more power savings, but is more dangerous.

--- a/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c	2012-03-13 23:06:11.000000000 +0400
+++ b/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c	2012-04-15 15:16:47.124025688 +0400
@@ -561,8 +561,10 @@
         mm_modem_icera_change_unsolicited_messages (MM_MODEM_ICERA (modem), FALSE);
-    /* Random command to ensure unsolicited message disable completes */
-    mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (primary, "E0", 5, disable_unsolicited_done, info);
+    /* Random command to ensure unsolicited message disable completes.
+     * Try to power off the modem: +CFUN=0 gains more energy savings,
+     * but +CFUN=4 is safer (just disables radio module) */
+    mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (primary, "+CFUN=4", 5, disable_unsolicited_done, info);

> We do have a POWER_DOWN property for that. Are we sure that the 
> power-down command will not harm other ZTE modems around?
I didn't understand how to use POWER_UP/DOWN properties. If someone
helps me, I'll be glad to implement them.

Alexander Orlov

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