Re: [PATCH] Enhancement to Icera-based ZTE MF192 modem support


- Disabling the modem for power savings (using +CFUN=0). Also,
   the command "Z E0 V1 X4&C1 +CMEE=1;+CFUN=1;" was not properly parsed
   (the modem just ignores +CMEE=1 and +CFUN=1), so I broke it for two
   commands. While enabling the modem, it gives error for +CPMS command
   for the first time:

   (ttyACM0): -->  'AT+CPMS?<CR>'
   (ttyACM0):<-- '<CR><LF>+CMS ERROR: 517<CR><LF>'

   With +CMEE=2 it produces

   (ttyACM0):<-- '<CR><LF>+CMS ERROR: SM BL not ready<CR><LF>'

   message. The second try for this command is OK. So I added it to
   cpms_try_done(...) function. I should add a constant for this error,
   I think.

- USSD requests was not working:

   (ttyACM0): -->  'AT+CUSD=1,"*100#",15<CR>'
   (ttyACM0):<-- '<CR><LF>ERROR<CR><LF>'

   That is because ModemManager sets UCS2 codepage for modem, so the
   request should be encoded properly. Here character set should be
   recognised automatically, but I do not know how to make it. Maybe
   someone helps me?

Too many different issues in the same email :-) It is much better to provide separate patches/emails for different issues, so that they can be discussed in different threads and followed separately.

See my replies inline below.

diff -u a/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c b/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c
--- a/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c 2011-07-22 00:18:33.000000000 +0400
+++ b/plugins/mm-modem-zte.c 2012-04-08 14:44:45.253923586 +0400
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
  #include "mm-modem-simple.h"
  #include "mm-modem-icera.h"
  #include "mm-modem-gsm-ussd.h"
+#include "mm-utils.h"

  static void modem_init (MMModem *modem_class);
  static void modem_icera_init (MMModemIcera *icera_class);
@@ -375,7 +376,8 @@

      priv = MM_MODEM_ZTE_GET_PRIVATE (info->modem);

-    if (error&&  g_error_matches (error, MM_MOBILE_ERROR,
+    if (error&&  (g_error_matches (error, MM_MOBILE_ERROR,
+    	g_error_matches (error, MM_MOBILE_ERROR, 517))) {

I don't think 517 means the same for every modem out there, so it probably isn't worth to define a new symbol for it. A good text comment next to it could help, though.

          if (priv->cpms_tries++<  4) {
              if (priv->cpms_timeout)
                  g_source_remove (priv->cpms_timeout);
@@ -471,7 +473,8 @@
      } else {
          /* Finish the initialization */
          mm_modem_icera_is_icera (MM_MODEM_ICERA (self), icera_check_cb,
-        mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (port, "Z E0 V1 X4&C1 +CMEE=1;
+CFUN=1;", 10, init_modem_done, info);

^Unlucky place for the + of the +CFUN in the diff... :-)

You actually removed the ATZ call altogether; was that on purpose?

+        mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (port, "+CMEE=1", 2, NULL,
+        mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (port, "+CFUN=1", 10,
init_modem_done, info);

It's probably worth to use the default POWER_UP command property for the CFUN=1. Although maybe there was a reason to have the CFUN=1 in the modem initialization sequence... Dan?


@@ -483,7 +486,7 @@
      if (error)
          mm_generic_gsm_enable_complete (MM_GENERIC_GSM (info->modem),
error, info);
-        mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (MM_AT_SERIAL_PORT (port), "E0
V1", 3, pre_init_done, user_data);
+        mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (MM_AT_SERIAL_PORT (port), "E0
V1 X4&C1", 3, pre_init_done, user_data);

Could you dig in the git logs to check why the pre-init sequence was needed in the ZTE modem? Maybe Dan remembers why. Anyway, you also moved "X4&C1" here, was that on purpose?


  static void
@@ -562,7 +565,7 @@

      /* Random command to ensure unsolicited message disable completes
-    mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (primary, "E0", 5,
disable_unsolicited_done, info);
+    mm_at_serial_port_queue_command (primary, "+CFUN=0", 10,
disable_unsolicited_done, info);

We do have a POWER_DOWN property for that. Are we sure that the power-down command will not harm other ZTE modems around?


@@ -690,10 +693,15 @@
  static char*
  ussd_encode (MMModemGsmUssd *self, const char* command, guint *scheme)
+	gsize written = 0;
+	gchar *ucs2;
      char *cmd;
      *scheme = MM_MODEM_GSM_USSD_SCHEME_7BIT;
-    cmd = g_strdup (command);
+    ucs2 = g_convert (command, -1, "UCS-2BE", "UTF8", NULL,&written,
+    cmd = utils_bin2hexstr ((const guint8 *) ucs2, written);
+    g_free (ucs2);

      return cmd;

As you say before, the encoded command needs to be in the same charset as defined by the modem, so you shouldn't assume it's UCS2 always. This would do it probably:

    if (mm_generic_gsm_get_charset (MM_GENERIC_GSM (self)) ==
        cmd = mm_modem_charset_utf8_to_hex (command,
        cmd = g_strdup (command);

In git master, though, that would be just calling:

  cmd = mm_broadband_modem_take_and_convert_to_current_charset
            (MM_BROADBAND_MODEM (self),
             g_strdup (command));



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