Re: [MM] grabbing QMI/WDM ports

Marius Bjørnstad Kotsbak <marius kotsbak gmail com> writes:

> In Network manager, I don't find any IPv6 settings when using PPP.

You can do a simple command line test with something like:

 pppd connect 'chat -e -v "" AT+CGDCONT=1,\"IPV4V6\",\"your-apn\" OK ATDT*99# CONNECT' nodefaultroute ipv6 , debug nodetach noauth noccp /dev/ttyUSB0

but I have no idea if Netcom have any IPv6 enabled APNs.  It would be
interesting to know what you see if you open minicom or another terminal
application and do

(will hang here until you end your terminal program)

And then


again using one of the other ttyUSBx devices. 


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