Re: [MM] grabbing QMI/WDM ports

On 11. april 2012 15:11, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

For anyone interested, there's some work ('qmi-wdm' branch in the
upstream MM tree) to be able to grab qmi/wdm ports, currently just
exposed as raw MMPort objects. Of course, you'll need a device with
such ports (got a Pantech UML290 here) and a recent enough kernel with
Björn's qmi_wwan driver. Any review greatly appreciated, specially
because I used just 1 device for testing it.

Great!  I'll see if I can get around to playing with it.  Testing these
things tend to take me some time and effort as I'm not used to using NM
and MM ;-)

Great, thanks!

I might also get time to test this as i just received my ZTE 820D modem. But I just wonder what the point of doing this is? Is it giving better performance or more possibilities (checking signal quality while connected?)? The modem works great in Ubuntu 12.04 using the 3.2 kernel without the qmi_wwan module (using just option module).


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