Not automatically using wep key

I have an old Acer Aspire One netbook running Linpus Lite (Fedora).  The Network Manager applet would always automatically log on to my home wireless network every time I switched on.  I recently did some updates to the XFCE desktop and this stopped it so that I had to put my wep key in each time.  I tried updating the Network Manager applet to try and fix the problem.  I updated to 0.7.0 using the pup software updater.  While the Network Manager now has more functionality I still have the same issue.  When you go into edit the home wireless network I can see a checkbox for 'available to all users' but it is greyed out.  I realise the security issues but I like the quick internet connectivity for my home network.

Can anyone please advise.  I can see a new version of the applet ( on the web site but am not sure how to install and whether this would fix the problem anyway.  I am not an experienced linux user.


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