SecretAgent.GetSecrets() return value


I'm working on finally porting Sugar to NetworkManager-0.9 and I have
a query regarding the SecretAgent implementation.
The docs here
have a link to org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.SecretAgent but this
link is broken - I can't find any documentation for this interface.

Anyway, through some experimentation I see that GetSecrets() gets
given the entire settings collection for the connection where secrets
are needed. My question is: exactly what should be returned?

In the NM-0.8 secrets-getting scheme, we were advised to take the
entire settings object, add in the secrets, and send the whole thing

However, if I do that with NM-0.9, with my GetSecrets call therefore
returning a complete settings collection including settings for
802-11-wireless, connection, ipv6, ipv4, and 802-11-wireless-security,
syslog shows NetworkManager complaining:

  NetworkManager[1748]: get_secret_flags: assertion `is_secret_prop
(setting, secret_name, error)' failed

The secrets do get communicated successfully, but it would be nice to
know what I'm doing wrong.


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