Re: SecretAgent.GetSecrets() return value

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Excerpts from Daniel Drake's message of Sun Sep 04 19:32:29 +0200 2011:

> I'm working on finally porting Sugar to NetworkManager-0.9

Great, thanks!

> and I have
> a query regarding the SecretAgent implementation.
> The docs here
> have a link to org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.SecretAgent but this
> link is broken - I can't find any documentation for this interface.

I'd argue that Sugar shouldn't store the secrets at all but rather let
NetworkManager take care of that. This would greatly simplify the NM
client code in Sugar, with no downsides for all but very special use
cases that are unlikely to be supported even if we were to store the
secrets in Sugar. See SL#1884 [1] for the full reasoning, taking in mind
that it was written prior to the ACL support of NM 0.9 (so there's even
less reason to store the secrets ourselves).

By moving as much functionality as possible into NM (in the long run
this includes the automatic Ad Hoc connection support) we keep Sugar
simple and robust and let everyone (Sugar and non-Sugar users alike)
benefit from the full set of features.



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