Re: Persistent 3G connection fails, not sure why

How do we get some attention to this patch and get it applied to the main source?
This is a major issue for anyone running a persistent 3G connection.

As a workaround, is there a way to unmark as invalid after nm decides to mark as invalid, other than disconnecting and reconnecting the device?

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 10:56 AM, <richter ecos de> wrote:

I also have some problems with persistent network connections and adapted the patch below (you should find the mail in August or September list archive), but it's solves only a part of my problems, also it makes things much better, I have still problems from time to time, where I need to disable and reenable the mobile broadband to get the modem reseted and didn't found a solution so far...


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> Den 27. okt. 2011 14:17, skrev David Pfeffer:
> > Actually, that patch seems to be exactly what's needed. Can this be
> > patched into the main codebase?
> >
> >
> >
> > I haven't tested it specifically but it solves the problem that seems
> > to be identical to mine.
> > I don't see where you see that they say it didn't work well for them.
> > It seems like everyone was happy with it.
> Yup. The people commenting on it seemed happy, but I emailed the guy
> directly and he didn't seem to enthusiastic about it now, but again, he was
> using a USB modem and not a built-in Mini PCI-e device like mine.
> I personally tried applying the patch to the latest network-manager in
> Ubuntu a couple a days ago, but it never compiled. I'm guessing the code has
> changed a bit since the patch was written. (I think it was the NMDeviceType
> thing that didn't work.)
> If this actually is what it takes, then I hope someone is willing to have a look
> at it and eventually push it upstream :-)
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