Re: Show Hidden network from connection file

On Tuesday 01 of November 2011 01:29:26 marcos m. wrote:
> Hello! I'm trying to write a connection file that is going to be
> distributed on many computers.
> It configures a wireless  ad hoc connection, everything works fine except
> that the connection doesn't appears  on the nm-applet in gnome, it is only
> accessible from 'hidden networks'.
> I would like it to be available from the beginning so i changed the
> timestamp from 0 to 1 but it didn't showed up.
> What else or what files can I edit to make the connection looks like it has
> been already used?
> Thanks, Marcos.

Timestamp doesn't affect connection visibility, it only shows if/when the 
connection was used last.

You don't see it in nm-applet, because the items nm-applet shows are visible 
SSIDs. As your network is hidden, it won't be shown until you connect.

You should see the configured connection profile in nm-connection-editor, 
though. "Last Used" column represent timestamp.


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