Re: cross compiling without gnome

On Wednesday 25 of May 2011 14:27:40 raghunathan kailasanathan wipro com 
> >D-BUS is not a GUI thing. It is the IPC that NM uses to communicate
> >with everything,
> >including the daemons it manages (modemmanager, wpa_supplicant, pppd
> >etc) and the command-line client. So even if you hacked the source and
> >removed d-bus, the resulting
> >NetworkManager would not be able to manage much.
> How about dbus-glib? I understand that is the glib binding of dbus, is it
> still required if I am not using gnome ? ... or can I manage with just the
> dbus core part ? which case is there a way to knock the glib part
> off using a configure string ?

You can't simply get rid of dbus-glib and glib itself. NetworkManager is based 
on them. But I think you should not be concerned with them. They are nothing 
connected with GUI and are low level libraries. glib is e.g used for such 
basic parts as data structures for strings, arrays, lists, etc.


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