RE: cross compiling without gnome

>D-BUS is not a GUI thing. It is the IPC that NM uses to communicate
>with everything,
>including the daemons it manages (modemmanager, wpa_supplicant, pppd
>etc) and the command-line client. So even if you hacked the source and
>removed d-bus, the resulting
>NetworkManager would not be able to manage much.

How about dbus-glib? I understand that is the glib binding of dbus, is it 
still required if I am not using gnome ? ... or can I manage with just the
dbus core part ? which case is there a way to knock the glib part
off using a configure string ? 

>You can check what --with-distro the BLFS book proposes these days for
>but probably the best would be to implement the proper backend for
>your own distro
>(based on what is already there) and thus use your distro's name as
>argument. I don't think it is hard to do that at all.

All right.


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