Re: 1199:6832 Sierra Wireless, Inc. MC8780 not working with NetworkManager / ModemManager 0.4

> >
> >  From a cursory reading of the bug reports you cited it seems like some
> > sierra modems crash when ModemManager sends CFUN=1 to them.
> >
> > Can you help verify if this is indeed the case with yours as well?
> >

So it really seems that not only Wavecom modems get a whole software
restart (including USB stack) when they get AT+CFUN=1. The thing is, is
removing the power-up command a solution for *all* Sierra modems or are
there any Sierra modems that really need the power-up command? If so,
we'll probably need to disable the power-up only for specific models,
like the one reported in the bug; or the other way around, enable it
only for only some specific models.

> > I put a version of natty's modemmanager with the attached patch
> > applied in my ppa. So, the only thing you need to do to test is:
> >

Wasn't that patch already applied to Ubuntu's MM? According to the logs
that was written by Alexander Sack long ago, and possibly applied in
Ubuntu... (comment #7?)


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