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CCing NetworkManager mailing list. I'm sorry that the thread below is not formatted the way you like it but I'm keeping it below for reference.

The discussion is about sms support in ModemManager. I've started implementing it a bit but ran into issues.

I think that a SetStorageLocation method as suggested by Eric would be sane to add. And have that mirror the CPMS command as Jason suggested.

Should I still include the mem-type in SmsReceived signal? Or should we assume that the caller takes care of setting the storage correctly? The same question is valid for the SmsGet method (and delete).

About the SmsReceived vs Completed signals, I interpreted it as the SmsReceived signal is emitted for all sms and for the final sms _both_ the SmsReceived and Completed signals are emitted. I don't have the code available right now though, so I'll have to look at it again later.

Another issue is how to handle the completed flag in the SmsReceived signal and the Completed signals. I suppose one have to parse the pdu to be able to tell? 


Från: Jason Glasgow [jglasgow google com]
Skickat: den 21 mars 2011 15:32
Till: Eric Shienbrood
Kopia: Torgny Johansson; Jonas Sjöquist; Malin Gustafsson; Trond Wuellner; Nathan Williams
Ämne: Re: Ericsson Support for SMS receive

Hi Torgny,

I'd like to move this discussion to the nm list, but before I do so I want to make sure that you are okay with that.  If you agree, please CC the list on the next reply.  If not, let me know.

I'm somewhat partial to having SetStorageLocation and GetStorageLocation either take three arguments to mimic the CPMS command, or just set the location of the received messages and allow the List,Get (etc) commands to call CPMS (if necessary) on each invocation.


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:55 AM, Eric Shienbrood <ers google com<mailto:ers google com>> wrote:
Hi Torgny,

I don't think one would typically want to change the storage location on a call-by-call basis. So it probably makes the most sense to have a separate call as you suggest for setting the type of memory to be used. Maybe we could pick a name like SetStorageLocation. It could set the storage to be used for Get, Save, List, and SendFromStorage methods. I think we should also have a GetStorageLocation method.

Also, the spec says that a "Completed" signal is supposed to be send when all parts of a message have been received. From the description, it sounds like SmsReceived is supposed to be sent when the first part is received, Completed is supposed to be sent when the last part is received, and no signals are sent for any parts between the first and the last.


On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 1:20 PM, Torgny Johansson <torgny johansson ericsson com<mailto:torgny johansson ericsson com>> wrote:

I started writing a more proper implementation but ran into some questions...

I extended the SmsReceived signal to also include the memory where the sms is stored (but not the actual sms). Then I started implemeting the GetSms method (also extending it to include the memory type as an argument). The issue I ran into is that the at command to read messages doesn't use the memory type, only the index. The memory type should be set with the CPMS command. So should the GetSms method set that every time or should we instead add a SetMemory method to do that and remove the memory type from the GetSms method again?

Please let me know what you think.



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