Re: How do I create a new wifi connection with nmcli?

Em Dom, 2011-03-20 às 10:05 +0100, Ma Begaj escreveu:
2011/3/20 Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle <leonardof gnome org>
Hello, list!

I wasn't able to use nmcli to create a new wifi connection. The access point is listed by "nmcli dev wifi", but if I try to connect to it with "nmcli con up myssid" it says the connection is unknown. Indeed, it is not listed in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ . The only connection I was able to use was "Auto eth0", which was automatically created for me.

Is nmcli able to create a new wifi connection? How do I make it create it?

Thanks in advance.

you forgot "id" in your command ...

nmcli con up id myssid

but you have to use connection name from network manager and not essid of your ap.

Thank you. When I forgot to type on the mail, but I did use "id" on my system, no luck.

How to I get the connection name (or UUID) from NM if the wireless networks don't show up in "nmcli con list"?

Thanks for your attention,
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle <leonardof gnome org>

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