ANN: One the road to 0.9 - release of 0.8.995 (0.9.0-beta1)

I'm pleased to announce the release of the first beta of NetworkManager
0.9.  It's been a long road, starting last summer, and thanks to Daniel
Gnoutcheff for getting us started with his rocking Google Summer of Code
project.  More information about what's new is here:

but the executive summary is: simpler, easier, more flexible, and cooler
applets.  Fast User Switching.  WiMAX.  System connections by default.
More flexible system administration.  Scales down to smaller devices.

Tarballs are now available in the usual places; you're looking for the
"0.8.995" version of everything:
(openconnect coming soon...)

And I've posted API migration guide here if you want to get a jump on
porting applications:

Note that you need a patch from wpa_supplicant git to work with 0.8.995,
otherwise NM won't find any access points:

dbus: Emit property changed events when adding/removing BSSes

Any and all testing, patches, comments, etc, greatly appreciated.  Lets
get 0.9 out soon!


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