Re: NM: Connection order for devices

Quoting "Jirka Klimes" <jklimes redhat com>:
With mac-address you restricted Connection 2 for the MAC. However, Connection
1 is not restricted and that's why it can be activated on any compatible
device. If you want only to use Connection 1  on Device 1, restrict it with
MAC the same way as Connection 2. You can also disable auto connecting for a
connection, if you want.

I think what's missing in NM for Tom (and me) is:

 1. a restriction for "device type"(?), e.g. "usbN" or "ethM"
    (not sure about the correct terminology)

 2. a restriction like "not MAC"

Especially (1.) would be very useful to me.
Would that be hard to implement?

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