Slow mobile broadband detection

I'm using a multimode GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA USB key for internet
access, product ONDA WCDMA Technologies MSM. OS is Ubuntu Natty 11.04
64-bit, NetworkManager 0.8.4.

The device always connects and once connected it works pretty fine,
the only problem is that it takes some minutes before the dongle is
recognized. Maybe it's just the standard behavior but looking at the
log there should be some error along the way, though I'm not a network
expert and I can be wrong, and maybe NetworkManager is not involved at

Here is the log, I'd really appreciate an opinion.

1. I noted that opening and closing serial ports takes a lot of time.
2. I was able to solve the loop (lines 36 - 41) saying to
automatically provide the PIN (via nm-applet), but I think it
shouldn't be necessary to do so.

I'd be glad to provide further information if needed.


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