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Em Wednesday 08 June 2011, David Narvaez escreveu:

> On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Lamarque Vieira Souza


> <lamarque gmail com> wrote:

> >> So I need them both to be able to list the wireless networks then?

> >

> > Yes, Plasma NM from nm09 only talks to NM-0.9. The one in master branch

> > only talsk to NM-0.8.


> Yes, that I know. The question was if I needed Plasma NM nm09

> installed in order for NM to list wireless networks available.

The answer for that question is no. Plasma NM depends on NM, not the other way around.

> > You said nm-tool did not show any wireless network, then NM-0.9 is not

> > able to list wireless and so is Plasma NM. Are you sure your wireless

> > card is working and enabled? You can test if it is enabled in NM using:

> >

> > nmcli nm

> >

> > rfkill list


> My wireless card is surely working (I just have to resort to NM 0.8.2

> and Plasma NM from my repository and everything works fine up to the

> bugs I'm trying to escape from) but I haven't tried those two commands

> to ensure wireless networking is enabled. But I guess this answer

> means I should be able to list available wireless networks from NM 0.9

> alone, right? That is, before installing any NM Cllient. That would

> finally answer my question above.

You can use nm-tool to list all access points in the neighborhood. nm-tool talks directly to NM, Plasma NM is not involved. But if wireless is disabled in NM (you can check that using "nmcli nm") it will not list any access points even if your wireless card is working.


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