Re: Extending the mobile-broadband-provider-info database

On Thu, 2011-07-28 at 23:27 +0200, Marius Kotsbak wrote:
> On 27. juli 2011 21:53, Dan Williams wrote:
> > On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 11:32 +0200, Marius Kotsbak wrote:
> >> Den 19. juli 2011 17:51, skrev Dan Williams:
> >>> As long as the attributes we add aren't required, it should be fine to
> >>> add them.  See the balance check stuff that was added a while ago; that
> >>> was added in a compatible manner and existing tools simply ignore the
> >>> new attributes.
> >>>
> >> About the existing information there. I see it is mobile network 
> >> identifiers, but I haven't seen that Network manager exploit this to 
> >> automatically select or propose the correct network settings. Is this 
> >> not implemented yet?
> > It's done in the client applications like nm-applet and
> > nm-connection-editor and the KDE bits, which create the actual
> > configuration and display stuff like signal and network names.  NM
> > simply passes the mobile broadband specific configuration along to
> > ModemManager, but isn't itself involved at all with the carrier/APN
> > selection.  nm-applet also makes use of the database to pull out a
> > carrier name based on MCC/MNC/SID if the modem doesn't one.
> Okay, I just haven't seen it happen in nm-applet. I always have had to
> select country and then operator/subscription.

nm-applet doesn't yet pull the operator MCC/MNC out of the sim (and in
fact, lots of devices don't allow this for some reason, nothing to do
with the SIM, but the device).  But nm-applet *does* use the database
for the selection dialog you're talking about, and it uses the database
for dispalying the operator name in the menu if the device doesn't
provide one.  It also uses it to show the CDMA operator name (based on
SID) if you're using a CDMA device.  So quite a few things at the


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