Re: about Strength

Dear Dan:
Thanks your reply.
The wifi driver owner is third-party vendor.

>>"debug log (running wpa_supplicant with "-dddt -u" and then starting NetworkManager"
I follow this debug log
And we find this issue (root cause)

"Antenna", this antenna is included in module.
So, the signal always be blocked in the iron shell.

And we use wifi dongle (the same chip wifi module).
It looks workable.
we will check our organization designers.

Thanks your help me to find out the issue


2011/7/7 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
On Mon, 2011-07-04 at 15:28 +0800, rain blue wrote:
> Dear,
> i have some issue about strength & connection quality.
> I use NetworkManager 0.8.1 version that build-in our platform.
> 1.Some platform can't connect AP. (AP near by platform)
> 2.if it connected. But packet loss severely (use ping command)
> 3.when i use driver to connect AP(not connect through NM). It looks
> fine (ping command)

What wifi driver?  NM doesn't really care much about signal strength
other than reporting it, so if the AP is close to the platform and there
are issues connecting, that may well indicate problems in the wifi
driver itself and it's communication with wpa_supplicant.

Getting a supplicant debug log (running wpa_supplicant with "-dddt -u"
and then starting NetworkManager) would help figure this sort of thing


> So, i want to ask about the nm-applet || NetworkManager.
> Does it has any processes for strength??
> because, i use libnm-glib API to connect AP. Not use nm-applet.
> Does it have affect?

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