Re: autoconnect VPN?

2011/2/28 Matej Kovacic <matej kovacic owca info>:
> BTW: there is also one interesting problem here regarding something I
> call it contextual networking. For instance - I have VPN, but I want to
> use it only in some contexts (cases).
> For instance: I am using several networks, my home wired network,
> home wireless network, my office wireless network, wireless networks at
> cybercaffes, etc.
> However, I would like to use "VPN connection 1" only when I am using
> wireless networks at cybercaffes and "VPN connection 2" when I use
> "Wired connection 3".
> OK, that is maybe for another thread...

I have that setup. I solved it with scripts in

example to start specific VPN connection if a specific wireless
connection is established:

if [[ ${CONNECTION_UUID} == '.....your connection uuid...' ]] && [[ $2
== 'up' ]]; then
    nmcli con up uuid ${MY_VPN_UUID}

you find UUIDs on command line with "nmcli con".


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