Re: autoconnect VPN?


> Sorry the off-topic: how did you managed to make your connection to
> work? Are using certificates or username/passwords?
I am connecting into my private OpenVPN server and I am using
certificates. I just used NetworkManager OpenVPN "wizard" to set up

Connection works fine, I just have to click to VPN Connections and
select my connection. However, when I go to my connection settings and
mark (select) "Connect automatically", nothing changes.

I mean, when I connect to a network, my OpenVPN connection is not
autostarted (I have to connect to my OpenVPN server manually).

When I select "Connect automatically" for some wired or wireless
connection, this setting works fine.

BTW: there is also one interesting problem here regarding something I
call it contextual networking. For instance - I have VPN, but I want to
use it only in some contexts (cases).

For instance: I am using several networks, my home wired network, my
home wireless network, my office wireless network, wireless networks at
cybercaffes, etc.

However, I would like to use "VPN connection 1" only when I am using
wireless networks at cybercaffes and "VPN connection 2" when I use
"Wired connection 3".

OK, that is maybe for another thread...



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