Re: Network Monitor

Le 18/02/2011 01:11, Dan Williams a écrit :

>>> Which means there would be great to have some network traffic monitor
>>> for a specific connection. Something like:

>> I am not an NM developer but if I had to implement this I would rather
>> make netramon and NetworkManager talk to each other using D-BUS rather
>> than re-implementing netramon (or else) inside NetworkManager.

The problem with implementing it all inside NM is that people will
never be happy with the implementation. They'll keep asking for extra
features like: "knowing how much time I have been using one connection
and the other, different types of graphs,... up to the point where NM
sends email warnings on usage thresholds as perfectly described by
Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment.

Otherwise I agree that monitoring usage is useful not just for 3G. My
cable ISP also has a (huge, probably not enforced) usage limit. This
would also be useful from an educational perspective. I mean it would
help non-technical people learn the difference between a 2G and 16G
memory stick, something most people are totally incapable of. Not just
internet access has limits, but storage as well.

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