Network Manager to WEXT interface


If there is somewhere I should look for this information, I apologize, but I am not sure there is without looking through the code base.

I have a 80211 Wireless Driver I am working on.

I have an issue in it, but its because I dont understand what Network Manager is fully doing.

I need to know what Network Manager calls when it is switching to a new AP to connect to when in Managed (client) mode (I am sure it called SetEssid and WAP, but I need a bit more info).  Specifically, there is some WPA items in our driver that are not getting cleaned up properly when going from a WPA network to an open network and I need to know where I can put code to clean these items up before Network Manager tries to associate to the new network.

I have my cleanup code in a section that is called by ifconfig down, but Network manager does not call this when switching networks.

Again, if someone can point me to the right code file, or documentation, I can sort it out, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Thank you for your help,

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