check attack package

I use NetworkManager 0.8 version
wpa_supplicant 0.6.9 version
in our embedded system.
i have some issue about attack package by wireless.

I want to pass the WIFI LOGO. But it have a test case fail by our system.
test case steps:
1. wireless connected AP SSID.
2. test program will give attack package by wireless.
3. wireless disconnect (after twice attack package)
4. must be "after 60sec". reconnect wireless
5. test case END

But step3 -> step4 will be fail in system.
So, NetworkManager know attack package? or wpa_supplicant?
or Could i know attack package by NetworkManager Signals?
(I will reconnect by my program after 60sec.)

Why processes always reconnect immediately?

In driver layer, i can use command line to connect AP.
And, Pass this test case.

driver -> wpa_supplicant -> NetworkManager -> my-applet
^^ ^^ ^^
1.tell wifi interface 2.notice accept attack 3.Emit Attack Signal

Thanks a lot


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