Re: Unable to connect Huawei E173 usb modem


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 01:19:45PM -0600, Alfredo C. Harvey wrote:
> Oops.
> If forgot to link to the forum I took the main information from.
> This is it.
> (In Spanish, sorry. It is a blog. Have to go down to the Huawei E173
> article.)

could you please give us (me :-)) an update regarding this issue?

I've ordered an USB modem from a company that delivered a Huawei E160
the last time I ordered such a thing, but not they delivered an E173s-1.
Since I've found your e-mail here I'm wondering if I should cancel the
order and send the E173s-1 back.  I want to use this USB modem with

Could you please respond ASAP, so that I don't miss the deadline for
cancelling the order?  Any other reports about success or failure with
an E173s-1 and Fedora (12 and up) are much appreciated - Thank you in


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