Re: NM 0.9 with Sierra USB 305 modem connection problems


One thing I do see is 'ATD*99***1***2#<CR>'.  This does not match the
settings I entered in.

Mobile Broadband Settings:
Connection name: AT&T Mobile
IPv4 Method: Automatic(PPP)
Mobile Broadband Number: *99***1#
Mobile Broadband APN: isp.cingular
Type: Any
Allow roaming
PPP Authentication Allowed methods: EAP,PAP,CHAP,MSCHAPv2,MSCHAP
Do not use MPPE
Allow BSD compression
Allow Deflate data compression
Use TCP header compression
Do not Send PPP echo packets

That connect string does indeed look wrong to me. ModemManager found in the
AT+CGDCONT? reply that the PDP context with CID=2 matches the APN you passed
to use, so it appends ***2# to the number to be called. Question is, why do
you have ***1# specified in the Mobile Broadband Number? Try using "*99#" as
number in the settings and let ModemManager append the CID when it finds the

Anyway, we should possibly fix ModemManager to not add the extra chunk with
the CID if there is already one available.


That did work!

Good to know :)

The reason I used "*99***1#" is because that's what the settings in Win7 showed.
What is the difference between the 1# and the 2#?

'1' and '2' are context identifiers (CIDs) of different PDP contexts. In your case #1 was a PDP context without predefined APN, and #2 was a PDP context with 'isp.cingular' as APN (as per the +CGDCONT? reply). If an APN is given to ModemManager when trying to connect, it will try to find an exact match in the list of PDP contexts, and in your case it found it (#2), so it does the ATD call specifying to use PDP context #2. Now, you already had specified the CID yourself in the number passed, with the ***1# extra chunk, so MM ended up appending the extra ***2#. It should be pretty safe from the MM side to avoid that and don't even bother looking for the match in the list of PDP contexts if the number passed already has the PDP context identifier. I'll implement that in the 06-api branch.

And Thank you ! :-D

Welcome :-)



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