Re: Please add SAE support for WiFi

On 12/16/2011 01:06 PM, Larry Finger wrote:
On 12/16/2011 11:43 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

I sent this message also to the Fedora test list. That is the closest list I am
on to the developers.

I am right now in the need of a new AP, so I am searching for one that I can
afford that will be able to get SAE support.

You should send your request to linux-wireless vger kernel org. That is where most of the developers of the IEEE80211 MAC layer, the supplicant, and the device drivers can be found.

Thanks. I sent a subscribe for the list, and a search of the archives found:

Which seems to show SAE support in user space. So I wonder if it is in my f16 install?

When SAE support is available in Linux, you would be able to implement it in nearly every router that runs openWRT. Only those units with very limited memory would be excluded. As openWRT-capable APs are mostly consumer grade, they should be affordable.

And f16 with gnome 3.2 as well....

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