Please add SAE support for WiFi

The 802.11s standard is now published.  Boy did that take long enough!  :)

There is a new password authentication method in 11s that the way it was defined will work just fine between an AP and STA, or in adhoc between two STAs. This method is called "Secure Authentication of Equals" or SAE. It is a zero-based knowledge authenticaiton method that is immune to offline attacks and an active attack gets only one guess per attack. SAE is defined in Section 8.2a of 802.11s-2011. It is already in the OpenAP code (or so its author, Dan Harkins of Aruba told me).

We finally have a strong password authentication method for WiFi. BTW, I am the author of the first paper on how to attack WPA-PSK, so I am directly involved in 802.11 security issues.

I would hope to see SAE in APs in the near future.

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