RE: MBIM and ModemManager

> On Tue, 2011-11-29 at 10:56 -0500, Jason Glasgow wrote:
> > I've been looking into the recently release MBIM spec
> > ( (Communications Device
> > Class) and I
> > am curious to hear if anyone on the networkmanager-list has plans to
> > pursue the MBIM interfaces.
> I think we would once some devices come out.
> >       * Are there any vendors that have released schedules for
> >         products that will use these new interfaces?
> I've heard the Ericsson will and that they are involved with the spec
> committee.

Yes we were. Unfortunately things have changed drastically... Last week we were informed that Ericsson will phase out the Mobile Broadband business so there won't be any MBIM modules from us as far as I can tell right now.

> >       * Are there any vendors interested in developing MBIM based
> >         plugins for ModemManager?
> >       * Is somebody working on a kernel driver that will support the
> >         SendEncapsulatedCommand and GetEncapsulatedResponse control
> >         requests?
> I'd imagine Ericsson would but I don't know for sure; they were pretty good
> about the NCM driver.

It was under development but that has stopped now :(

Some more info is available here:

Sadly this also means that I most likely won't get the chance to participate in the ModemManager development anymore, at least not professionally.


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