Re: MBIM and ModemManager

On Tue, 2011-11-29 at 10:56 -0500, Jason Glasgow wrote:
> I've been looking into the recently release MBIM spec
> ( (Communications Device
> Class) and I
> am curious to hear if anyone on the networkmanager-list has plans to
> pursue the MBIM interfaces.  

I think we would once some devices come out.

>       * Are there any vendors that have released schedules for
>         products that will use these new interfaces?

I've heard the Ericsson will and that they are involved with the spec

>       * Are there any vendors interested in developing MBIM based
>         plugins for ModemManager?
>       * Is somebody working on a kernel driver that will support the
>         SendEncapsulatedCommand and GetEncapsulatedResponse control
>         requests?  

I'd imagine Ericsson would but I don't know for sure; they were pretty
good about the NCM driver.

>       * Perhaps a user space library?

That would be nice, hopefully the license is compatible.


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