How best to try NM 0.8.2 please? (I almost managed to build it)


Looking at news from NM 0.8.2 I'm excited to see it seems to fix several
of the issues I'm facing and would like to try it!

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition, though.

At first I thought the only way was to build the tar.gz. Got through
'./configure' and 'make' ok but then I got an error from 'sudo
checkinstall' that beat me.

I took a step back and it seems I have some other options :

i) install Narwhal image from daily-live
ii) find a .deb for NM 0.8.2 that I could install on Meerkat.
iii) add a PPA to sources.list
iv) persist with the checkinstall error.

Any quick pointers to the right direction much appreciated.



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