Re: Wireless stopped working

su, 2010-11-21 kello 23:53 +0100, David Björkevik kirjoitti:
> After downgrading to NetworkManager-0.8.1-9.git20100831.fc14.i686, 
> everything works "fine". The quotes are there because the old behaviour 
> isn't quite optimal either; the wireless network needs to be manually 
> enabled after each boot, and it takes a minute or so before any networks 
> are found.

I've filed a kernel bug report about this behaviour. I noticed that it
helps if you blacklist the acer-wmi module, but then you probably
shouldn't use the hardware kill switch at all or you'll have to reload
the acer-wmi module to have the changes detected. The kernel bug is

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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