Re: modem-manager fails on Gobi 2000 UMTS card in a Thinkpad W510, error in AT+CMEE

Waldemar and Dan, thanks for your hints.
You're right, I loaded the wrong firmware, now lib/firmware/gobi
contains (with md5sum):
84d002b0ef003cde6c95826bfbf067fe  amss.mbn
d7496085f1af3d1bfdf0fa60c3222766  apps.mbn
1aa5727b034dd1f371a3412d5800c1a3  UQCN.mbn

When looking at the unpacked windows drivers, these files reside in the
original directories:

I tried "6" because of

@Waldemar: I'm using a pretty recent mainline kernel that should have
included the patch you mentioned.

With this fireware loaded, network manager comes up with asking for the
PIN but fails to establish a connection afterwards, the modem-manager
debug output is available at, PIN data has
been replaced by XXXX for privacy reasons. In l. 88 an error is returned
upon AT+CFUN=1. What does that mean?

Is there an AT command reference available for this device?

Thanks once more,

Am 02.06.2010 08:39, schrieb Dan Williams:
> On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 22:04 +0200, Stefan Armbruster wrote:
> You're loading CDMA2000/EVDO firmware on your card, not UMTS/HSPA
> firmware.  Chances are, since you're in Germany, you want the UMTS
> firmware.
> Unfortunately, you have to figure out from the Windows drivers what
> firmware files are for what technology.  There's a text file that
> describes what the firmware directory numbers mean, and what provider
> they are for thats stored somewhere under the Gobi downloader directory,
> which is often stuffed directly onto C:\.
> Dan

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