modem-manager fails on Gobi 2000 UMTS card in a Thinkpad W510, error in AT+CMEE


I'm trying to enable the builtin Gobi 2000 UMTS card on a Thinkpad W510.
System is a Ubuntu Lucid 64bit, modem-manager compiled from current git.
UMTS card's USB-ID: 05c6:9205 (after loading the firmware, 05c6:9204 before)

When trying to connect, modem-manager sends a CMEE command resulting in
an error:
DEBUG: <1275421334.403788> (ttyUSB0): --> 'AT+CMEE=1<CR>'
DEBUG: <1275421334.415006> (ttyUSB0): <-- '<CR><LF>ERROR<CR><LF>'

I've followed the debugging procedure from In order not to pollute
the list, the logs are placed on pastebin: output:
modem-manager output: (esp. l. 53f)
network-manager output:

I assume the UMTS card is not detected correctly. Can anyone give me
some hints how to get that stuff running?


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