Re: Installation problem with Ubuntu Lynx?

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 10:25 +0900, Jacobs Shannon wrote:
> I hope this is a trivial and non-problematic thing, but I've been
> watching for a report here and haven't spotted anything. 
> Since Ubuntu 10.04 was released, I've done a number of upgrades and
> installations, and several times I've seen it stop during the
> installation with a message about the nm applet being unable to find
> some required resources. I've just been skipping over it without
> problems, either it's spurious or self-repairing, but I'm still
> wondering.

So what's happening here is that the applet uses icons with certain
names.  On upgrade, sometimes these names change.  When the icon files
are changed underneath the applet this triggers (via GTK+) a theme
change so that the applet can start using the new icon.  But in this
case, since the name has changed, the old icon may  no longer be on
disk, and the applet can't find the icons it needs to display.

This is one reason why many Windows updates wait until shutdown, or why
Firefox often stops working reliably if you update it while running it.

In the end, it's harmless, since when you log out and log back in again,
the new applet is running and it has all the resources it needs when it
starts again (since you just installed the correct set of icons).

Recent fixes to the applet have mitigated this and future upgrades
shouldn't trigger that warning any more, though you may see some odd
icons until you log out and back in.  It was just changed to stop
throwing up the stupid dialog and just fall back to a know-good icon
name when it couldn't find what it was looking for.


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