Re: Why no refresh option?

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 02:38 -0600, Matt Warnock wrote:
> Can anyone explain why there is no refresh button?
> Running Ubuntu 10.04, moving from home to work and vice versa.  Only way
> to get the list of available Wifi networks to refresh is to turn
> networking off, then on again.  I've read that it should automatically
> refresh, but in my experience, it doesn't.
> Or is there something I should be doing differently?

Are you suspending during that time?  What driver are you using and what
wifi hardware do you have?  Do you see the messages "sleeping..." or
"waking up..." in the NetworkManager logs in /var/log/daemon.log
or /var/log/NetworkManager.log?

NM scans at *most* every 2 minutes unless it's been altered by the
distribution.  Your case sounds like either stupid drivers or a
well-known-but-supposedly-fixed D-Bus bug with the suspend/resume

- if you see sleeping/waking up in the logs then it's likely a driver
- if you dont' see sleeping/waking up but you do see other NM messages,
then it's likely the d-bus thing which we can further diagnose.


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